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Every best man speech we write is intended for one person's eyes only - the Best Man.

However, it's important for you to see a few examples of the work we do, so here's a random selection from some of our speeches (The names have been changed to protect identities). If you'd like some further Best Man speech examples - please get in touch.

”When Scott was very young, apparently his sisters used to dress him up in all their clothes… which I find hilarious! Thankfully his sisters soon grew out of this. Scott however, didn’t, and continued to wear his sisters clothing until he was 18… “

“As you probably know, Neil is a Doctor. And that’s how I met him – when I went to his surgery with a pain in my back. Neil examined me, said he couldn’t find anything wrong, and suggested it was too much alcohol. So I told him I’d pop back when he was sober…”

“Chris and Kate first met when Chris interviewed Kate for a job! They then started working together, and within 3 months were a couple. So we must be thankful that Kate got that job. Especially considering the other person Chris interviewed, who was a bald 50 year old man called Ian. And that would have made for a very different wedding today…

“Steve is constantly analysing things. Even now… as I read this, I know Steve will be analysing every word I say, and making mental notes about things in the speech to talk to me about later on. Although not as much as Hayley’s parents will be… “

“John proposed to Lisa during a game of Scrabble! Lisa stuck her hand in the bag of letters… pulled out the ring that John had planted there… at which point John proposed! Lisa was clearly overjoyed… although a little disappointed that she’d picked a ring out of the bag, and not the letter ‘Q’. Because that would have given her a word worth a huge 28 points… “

“Alex always hated doing PE at school – because he didn’t like getting dirty. The only thing Alex wanted to do in school was leave as soon as possible, and train to be a hairdresser. And we’re not sure about this… but those rumours from the time about Alex experimenting with his mothers make up… well, they’re not going away are they?”

“These days Paul works as a Bricklayer. He has some very long days out on site, and finds it hard to switch off when he gets home – he just can’t get out of work mode. Which is difficult for Claire… because every time she walks past Paul at home, he wolf whistles, shouts ‘get a load of that’, and then makes another cup of tea…  

“I was actually in the year under Peter at school. Because Peter was the older one, he really looked out for me and took me under his wing. He also took my dinner money, my school work, and most of my girlfriends“

” During those early days of training, Alan did very well for himself in the printing business – as a teenager he was always coming home with pockets full of bank notes. Usually with the ink still wet on them…”

”These days Neil drives around in a Saab Convertible – and he loves it! He loves driving around with the car radio on and the roof down. He’s always been a fan of topless models.”

“Of course, I lots of embarrassing stories about Andy, but I’ve promised not to mention them today. For example, I‘m not going to talk about the time Andy was caught by the police for streaking outdoors in Newquay. Luckily, the Police let him off with a warning… because they said it was just something small… the offence I presume they were talking about? “

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