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Wednesday, 11 December 2013 09:11

Best Man Speech Jokes - The rule of three

So you’ve sat down to write your Best Man Speech… you have some content and ideas… but how to make it funny? This is one of the most common questions we get asked.

And the short and unwelcome answer, is that there’s no golden rule to writing Best Man Speech jokes. However, if you have a good story or idea, there are structures for your jokes that can make them work.

Let’s take a famous joke structure called ‘The Rule of Three’. History is littered with great speeches where things are listed in 3’s. From Martin Luther King, right through to your favourite comedian or politician (often the same person), to emphasise a point in a speech, they will speak in a list of three. It just works – “Blood, Sweat and Tears” as Winston Churchill said, sticks.One, Two, Three.Three Little Words.Tom, Dick, Harry. It’s a rhythm of speaking that speeches are littered with.

So… onto your Best Man Speech jokes.  If you’re trying to write a joke for your speech, see if you can incorporate the punchline into a set of three. Look at this for example: “As the older one at school, he took me under his wing. He also took my dinner money, my home work, and my girlfriends”.

See how it works? “He took my 1, 2, 3”. It’s a rhythm that works well in jokes, and pulls out the humour as the audience are familiar with the structure, and know where the joke is starting, where it’s heading, and what the ‘funny’ is. Look at this other example of a joke used in Best Man speeches, talking about a Groom’s time in school: “A sign in the classroom said ‘BE QUIET’, so he was quiet. A sign in the corridor said ‘NO RUNNING’, so he didn’t run. And a sign in the toilets said ‘WET FLOOR’… so he did… “

This is the rule of three in its basic form, and it can easily help you construct jokes for your speech. If you have some story or content that you want to make funny, look at how you can build it into a rule of three structure. Whether you’re talking about a previous indiscretion, a job, a holiday, or anything at all – how can you end the story by saying that the Groom did THIS, THIS and THIS? Using this structure, you can take an ‘okay’ story and make it that bit more funny.

If you’d like more examples of rule of three jokes for your Best Man Speech, just drop us a line. This type of joke doesn’t have to be used – it’s one of seven common ways to structure a joke – but we like it. Yes, We, Do.

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