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Tuesday, 22 October 2013 19:58

Using pictures in your speech

As we approach Halloween, we’re reminded of a lovely story we heard about a Best Man who was trying to do something different with his speech.

As the wedding was on Halloween, this Best Man chose to hire a smoke machine… and then turn the whole of the top table invisible, hidden by smoke. Then – he put on a horror mask (unseen by anyone) – and JUMPED OUT of the smoke, screaming at the audience!

Some guests loved it… some didn’t. The poor lady that fell off her chair in shock, and bumped her head on the table, certainly didn’t.  True story.

But… let’s not be too harsh on this guy. He was just trying to do something different with his Best Man speech, and new ideas should be applauded. In the last month or so we’ve worked with a lot of people on their Best Man speeches, and a number of customers have talked about the idea of showing some pictures on a large projector or TV as part of their speech. This is obviously a tried and tested thing to do, but we’ve always felt that there’s a better way to showcase good pictures in your speech.

Placing something on a large projector may be okay for the first few rows of tables, but you could be delivering your speech to a room so large, that people simply won’t be able to see the projector or pictures, won’t get the joke, and therefore won’t react to your speech. Bad times.

So here’s an idea… why not try and showcase any funny or embarrassing pictures, through people’s smart phones? 15 minutes of your time during the wedding day will enable you to collect and save a large number of guests mobile phone numbers, all as a group list on your mobile. Just ask them – not for their name, just their number, and they’ll be more than happy to provide it. You don’t need everyone’s number – 30 or so would be enough.

Then, during your speech you can talk about a picture or short video – tell everyone to get their phones out – and within seconds transmit your image or media direct to their handsets! As they watch, laugh, share, you can talk them through what they’re seeing. You can then even construct the joke around the image, and depending upon what they’re looking at, ask them to reply to your message with comments. And how reactive is that! You now have the audience interacting with you, and providing you with LIVE content for your speech, during your speech!

For example… you have a picture of the Groom doing something questionable. Once sent to everyone, and the laughs have subsided, you could then ask people what they think the Groom is doing. They can reply –knowing you don’t have their names – and you can read out anonymous comments from the wedding reception right there!

This isn’t changing the world – it’s just a little idea we’ve tried out a few times at weddings, and it works lovely. A little preparation beforehand, and you can forget messing around with the projectors, A1 print outs or envelopes. Smartphones in a Best Man speech? Let the ideas run wild…

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